The world of mobile gaming is in the midst of an exciting and transformative time.The emergence of external web stores as a powerful source of revenue has led some of the biggest names in the gaming industry to establish their own web stores with impressive success. This shift has created new opportunities for game developers of all sizes to reach a wider audience and earn greater profits.

During our initial discussions, we asked Appcharge to share their vision for the company and what values they wanted to convey through their brand. They emphasized their focus on providing game developers with a tool to maximize their profits and level the playing field for publishers of all sizes. They also wanted their brand to convey strength, durability, and a sense of timelessness.With these insights in mind, we conducted extensive research into various design elements that could capture the startup's vision and values. We explored various symbols and shapes, including things related to energy, cities and gaming assets. We ultimately landed on the monolithic diamond for several reasons. Firstly, it represents strength and durability, which aligns well with the startup's focus on leveling the playing field for game developers of all sizes. Secondly, the gemstone aspect of the design symbolizes the lucrative nature of the mobile gaming industry and the potential for developers to earn significant profits through the startup's web store solution. Finally, the monolithic nature of the design reflects the startup's sense of timelessness and stability, implying that their solution is built to last and withstand the ever-changing landscape of the mobile gaming industry. It also seems to perfectly resonate with fellow gamers:)

Our main challenge was to clearly communicate what the company does without being too on the nose about it. Appcharge's core mission is to provide tools to game developers to help them create their own web stores, but this concept may not be immediately understandable to people who are not familiar with the gaming industry. We needed to find a way to explain the company's mission in a clear and concise manner, without overwhelming the user with too much technical jargon.

As is with the name of the company, the main motif behind Appcharge is that there is an everlasting stream of energy that 'charges' and powers everything Appcharge.

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